Saint Gregory of Narek
Doctor of the Universal Church

Pope Francis has declared Armenian poet and monk, Saint Gregory of Narek, a Doctor of the Universal Church.

Meeting with Cardinal Angelo Amato, Prefect of the Congregation for the Cause of Saints on Saturday ahead of his departure for Aricca on Lenten retreat, the Pope confirmed the proposal put forward by the Plenary Session of the Congregation to confer the title of Doctor of the Universal Church on the 10th century saint, Vatican Radio reports.

St. Gregory of Narek is widely revered as one of the greatest figures of medieval Armenian religious thought and literature. Born in the city of Narek in about 950 A.D., St. Gregory came from a line of scholars and churchmen.

St. Gregory received his education under the guidance of his father, Bishop Khosrov, author of the earliest commentary on the Divine Liturgy, and from Anania Vartabed, abbess of Narek Monastery. He and his two brothers entered monastic life at an early age, and St. Gregory soon began to excel in music, astronomy, geometry, mathematics, literature, and theology.

He became a priest at the age of 25 and dedicated himself to God. He lived most of his life in the monastery of Narek, where he taught at the monastic school. St. Gregory began his writings with a commentary on the “Song of Songs,” which was commissioned by an Armenian prince. Despite his reservations that he was too young for the task, the commentary became famous for its clarity of thought and language and its excellence of theological presentation.

He also wrote a number of famous letters, sharagans, treasures, odes, melodies, and discourses. Many of his prayers are included in the Divine Liturgy celebrated each Sunday in Armenian Churches around the world.

St. Gregory’s masterpiece is considered to be his Book of Lamentations. Also known as Narek, it is comprised of 95 prayers, each of which is titled “Conversation with God from the depth of the heart.” A central theme is man’s separation from God, and his quest to reunite with Him. St. Gregory described the work this way: “Its letters like my body, its message like my soul.” He called his book an “encyclopedia of prayer for all nations.” It was his hope that it would serve as a guide to prayer for people all over the world. After the advent of movable type, the book was published in Marseille in 1673, and has been translated into at least 30 languages.

St. Gregory of Narek is remembered by the Armenian Church in October of each year.

SOURCE: Public Radio of Armenia 17:38, 23 Feb 2015 Siranush Ghazanchyan


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San Gregorio di Narek Dottore della Chiesa Universale, 23.02.2015

Pope Francis has declared Armenian poet and monk, Saint Gregory of Narek, a Doctor of the Universal Church.   23-Feb 2015    SOURCE:

Saint Gregory of Narek - Doctor of the ChurchSaint Gregory of Narek
“Doctor of the Church”

On Monday 23rdd February 2015, the official Vatican paper “Osservatore Romano”, has reported that His Holiness, during his meeting with Cardinal Angelo Amato on 21st of February 2015, has accepted the recommendation of the synod of cardinals and bishops that Saint Gregory of Narek be proclaimed Doctor of the Church.

His Holiness Pope Francis, in the very near future, will officially make this announcement of Honoring Our Saint Gregory of Narek, according to Vatican sources.

This is not only a great honor for our Church but also for all Armenians, especially as it will coincide with the centenary of the Armenian Genocide of 1915.


Vatican to Honor Armenian Church Figures and Issue Stamps


St Gregory of Narek



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